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Payroll Services – What To Look For

Most small businesses will outsource their payroll work to a payroll services provider who will take care of everything from producing payslips to processing HMRC returns and pension submissions. This makes a great deal of sense and frees up your time to focus on business critical activities.

In choosing who does payroll services work for you might have a few considerations.

Are you (and perhaps your partner) the sole directors in the business and you don’t employ any staff. If so you don’t have any auto pension enrollment duties and you are not asking a payroll services provider to cost this into their invoice each month.

Does your payroll services provider give you flexibility and the attention to detail you would like. Are they someone local you can phone or meet to discuss a payroll issue. Are they responsive to your texts or phone calls and emails.

How many staff do you have. Are they weekly paid or monthly. In either case will your payroll services provider provide you with timely payroll information (including payslips, P60’s and P45’s in a timely manner). What auto pension enrollment provision do you have for your employees.  Are you looking for a payroll services provider to manage the weekly or monthly payments processing for you.

Do you have construction industry workers who are subcontracting and you have to operate a CIS return. If so you will want an effective process for handling weekly paid workers. How much are you currently being charged for this.

And lastly how much are you being charged. Do you pay for processing pensions, P45’s P60’s weekly and monthly payrolls. Are you content with the payroll service and the charges these cost you.

If the answer is no or maybe; we would be delighted to discuss your needs with you.